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So… who are Amazing Balloons?

Hey guys, Amazing Balloons is the husband and wife team of Jason and Rachel – or Looney Ballooney and Jay as we are more often known. We have been twisting balloons and entertaining children for many years and love it!!!

Looney Ballooney? Who is that?

Looney Ballooney is the performing name for Rachel. She has been entertaining children with magic and balloons for many years now. She used to be a Nursery Nurse as she has always loved kids and, even though performing takes up most of her time, still likes to help out in nurseries sometimes. She just loves the fun of being around children.

and Jay?

Jay is the name that Jason goes by as he couldn’t think of another name as good as Looney Ballooney so decided to stick with that! He has been a professional magician for many years and always enjoyed making balloons and playing around with other twisting type crafts – like Origami and Towel Folding.

OK… why Amazing Balloons? Where did that name come from?

Why Amazing Balloons? This was the first thing that most people say when they saw our creations, so it just made sense… have a look at Our Pictures and see for yourself!

So… how did you get into making these impressive balloons then?

It all kinda started over 20 years ago – have you got a brew? Sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin… When Jay started in magic (back when he was 19 – do you remember that long ago? hehe) he and some of his magic buddies used to go around the pubs and clubs in Manchester looking for people to practise on. Obviously a bunch of young guys going up to girls in pubs and asking if they wanted to see a trick didn’t really come across very well. Jay read in a magic magazine an article about balloons being the best way to draw a crowd and so practised a few simple balloons – monkey up a tree, teddy bear with a heart and a balloon called julie’s rainbow – which worked to get girls crowding round so that they could then follow up with a few bits of magic. After meeting his now wife, Rachel, and getting her to love magic and balloons they started to work on learning more complicated and impressive balloons and have been continuously learning and developing for over 8 years.

Did you go to Balloon College or something?

No we didn’t, but we did go over to America to learn balloons and have bought every book and DVD that is available on Balloon modelling to improve and learn and develop and and and errrr well… just make the best balloons that we can possible make.

Where are you?

We are based in Manchester, just near Manchester Airport, but can do shows anywhere in the North West or the whole UK if needed. We regularly do children’s parties around Manchester, Bury, Warrington, Stockport, Altrincham but have also performed out in Wales, Yorkshire, Blackpool, Liverpool and so on. We have a set price for balloon twisting near to us, but, unlike some other children’s entertainers and modellers, charge fairly if you are further than 20 miles from us.

I love the balloons, but really wanted some magic as well!

Awww thanks, we love the balloons too! No problem at all, we can also provide magic for your event – Rachel also does children’s magic and Jason does close up magic so we can tailor the package to suit you!

I also wanted a bouncy castle, do you provide them?

No we don’t but our friends at Castle Empire have the best bouncy castles around and are really reliable. We highly recommend them – have a look at their website here and let them know we sent you!

Do you also face paint?

No we don’t but we have some friends who are excellent face painters so let us know and we will put you in touch.

Are you like clowns? They scare me

Surprisingly, we hear this a lot (Stephen King has a lot to answer for, we guess). Don’t worry, even though we do dress colourfully when twisting, we do not wear any make up, false nose or wig (it just wouldn’t suit Jay). We prefer the kids to see our faces and not have them hidden behind make-up. The kids connect so much better with us because of it.

So.. you any good then?


I just want you to come and make basic swords and dogs, is that ok?

I’m sorry but, no. We pride ourselves in being called Amazing Balloons because that is what we like to make. So if you have an event with hundreds and hundreds of kids and want them all to get a balloon so not bothered how good the balloon looks – then, am sorry, but you are best looking elsewhere. We want every child who gets a balloon from us to go away and really look after it because it means a lot to them.

Why do you only make impressive balloons?

We have two children ourselves, Heather and Samantha, and when we have been out around shopping centres and see balloon modellers giving out the one balloon basic models, we have always thought “would we be happy with our kids having one of the those balloons – would it really mean something to them?” We see it so many times when a child gets a one balloon dog and then runs off and messes around with it until it pops or pops it for the fun of it – are they upset when it pops, not always. Why? Because the balloon is just like every one balloon dog that you see and it doesn’t mean that much to them. Ours are different, we have done repeat shows and a parent or child has come up and said “I still have that octopus that you made us last time, it still has pride of place in my bedroom” and this is months later. They cherish and keep the balloons that we make, and that means a lot!

How long will the balloons last?

It is always a hard to answer question as there are so many factors that affect balloons – if it is too hot, if it gets messed about with too much, eaten by a dog, ran over by a car and so forth. If you can keep the balloon in a cool place and out of direct sunlight then we have known them to last many weeks. They will start to shrink as it loses air but will keep the same shape. If you are wanting a sculpture for an event where you want it to last a while then let us know as we have ways of treating the balloons so that they can last longer.

My child has special needs, are the balloon suitable?

We love making balloons for children with special needs. They really love the balloons that we make. We can also make balloons which have movement (it is a ball race game balloon) that can keep kids entertained for ages. We have been invited back many times to make balloons for Surestart Special Needs Creches (Aiming High) to great success.

I’ve tried making balloons with one of these kits and they just pop!

We hear this a lot – by all means if you have us for one of your shows or see us at an event then we are happy to teach you the basics of making a balloon dog to get you started. The most common mistake that people make when trying balloon modelling is putting too much air in the balloon. So if they keep on popping, try a little less air when blowing them up.

I want to make balloons, can you teach me?

Yes! We are happy to provide a show where we we can teach the kids some basic balloons or if you want private lessons then we can do that also – just drop us a message and we can talk further.

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